Snoop I Am

Good morning! My name is Snoop and this is my very first dog blog post. I decided to introduce myself so I can improve my chances of finding a family to call my own.

As you can see from the picture, I’m pretty cute. I am about four months old and I’m a black pit mix with a black and white spotted chest. Sexy, no?

I’m learning how to be away from my litter mates and checking out life inside a house. There is a Grandma dog here named June. She seems pretty cool and I like to snuggle by her buns. She sure does snore a lot though and she’s tired right now because she just had surgery. I just had surgery too, something they call getting neutered. I guess I’m one step closer to growing up!

My hobbies include snoozing in the sun on top of my favorite grass (see photo), having puppy dreams, being a lap dog with these new foster peeps, and playing with my new rope toy and paper. Oh how I love paper! I seem good with other dogs. I’ve done my business outside and that sure is exciting for the people. They tell me I am an amazing genius when I do. I am working on my crate training and some basic commands but I’m just a puppy so I’ll need lots of guidance and socialization. I’ll reward you with loving gazes from my big puppy eyes and puppy kisses too!

I just moved to Long Beach and this place seems pretty good, but I really want a permanent place to call home, so let me know if you think you might want to meet me. I am one of six puppies that are now available for adoption. I will be schmoozing and strutting my stuff this Sunday at the LA Super Pet Adoption. Foster person says you can read more about adopting on the Adopt page and check out upcoming events on the Events page.

Bye for now! Love & Kisses!

Yours Truly,


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