My Favorite Things

Snoop here! I hope you want to know more about me and maybe even adopt me. I love relaxing on the couch and I almost always try to keep at least one paw on my person or my Junedog (see picture) at all times. This way I make sure they don’t escape while I’m snoozing! I’m so tricky.

You know who else is tricky? The dog who lives in the television. It’s so confusing because he only comes out when the TV is off. Boy do I get peeved at that dog but he only goes away when I do. He looks SO much like me, but I just can’t figure that one out.

I love love LOVE following June around. If she uses the dog door, I do too. If she lays on the floor, I am right there by here. If she stretches, I feel the need to do a few downward dogs!  The best is when we both love to attack our leashes right before we go outside. I hope my adopted home comes with a dog to copy and play with!

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people and hearing a lot of new things. I love playing with my toys and I almost always get a great report from doggy daycare. I am working hard on growing my little white beard and connecting it to the black and white spotted tuxedo on my chest. Everyone says I am going to be a pretty big dog but I still fit in your lap (really, I do, just watch me)!

Won’t you consider adopting me or one of my bothers or sisters? I hear they really want to get out of the kennel, so maybe you could just foster them for a bit. I can guarantee you lots of kisses and love. Plus you can watch me learn new things quickly and become the most amazing dog ever.

~Love & Labrabulls,


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