Snoop’s Super Saturday

Snoop here again. I just wanted to tell you folks about the awesome time we had this weekend. On Saturday, I hung out at Orange County Animal Care with my brothers and sisters. They held a huge adoption event. We met lots of other dogs and a whole bunch of swell people. Bruno and Sassy even got adopted! Now, only my sisters Lil’ Squirt and Coco and I are left from our litter of twelve (six to OCPBR). I love my Foster peeps, but Squirt and Coco haven’t been that lucky and they’ve had to stay at a kennel for a while. I sure hope we all can find a permanent home soon.

Besides seeing my family members adopted and meeting all the people, my favorite part of the event was the yummy food from True Food for Dogs that I got to try. Wow, was that ever tasty!

My Foster peeps went to LA, so I got to spend some quality time with my friend Jay after the adoption event. We walked all over Irvine and met even more people. Then, we went home and had a nice big dinner. We watched TV and I got to sleep on Jay’s bed. Very comfy! He said I was a perfect gentleman the whole time we were together and that I’m welcome at his studio anytime. Wow, I’m so proud.

Special thanks to our volunteer Jay for helping Snoop type up this blog post!

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