The Coco Chronicles: Part 1

Hello Everyone; Coco here. This is my very first dog blog. My foster Dad Jay is typing this for me because I don’t have thumbs.

I’m just a 6 month old Labrabull puppy, but all the people I meet comment on how mature I am for my age. I’m housebroken, very cute and really smart! I like treats, long walks, playing with toys, sleeping and cuddling. I stay cool around other dogs, but I will be happiest as an only dog. I’m even well behaved in the car and at the dinner table. I plan on working hard to be the best dog ever.

Anyway, I know I can’t stay with Jay much longer, so I really hope someone who reads this will give me or my brother Snoop a forever home. I have to admit, he’s almost as loveabull as me.

Peace and Love,

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