Coco Chronicles: Part 2 (Adopted!)

Hello again from the irresistabull Labrabull. I’ve been back at Jay’s studio while we waited for me to be adopted. The big news is that it
finally happened! I have a wonderful new home in snazzy Laguna Niguel. I feel like I won the lottery! Jay said he wanted my new peeps to adopt him too.

Some more great news is that Rebekah, Lupita and Apple drove up to Oregon and met with Apple’s new foster family last week. Apple wanted to drive, but Rebekah wouldn’t let her because she likes to go off-road and chase bunnies. Anyway, they arrived safely and Apple loves her new peeps!

Now, we need your help finding homes for Daisy, Dakota and my brother Snoop. Please visit our Adopt page for more info!

Our other news is that we got our PayPal link working, so you can now donate online. We really appreciate whatever you can do for us.

Hugs & Kisses,

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