Happy Endings!

This week we have two OCPBR dogs adopted, Coco and Mya! We are so happy to see them find their very loving forever homes.
Mya was found as a stray trying to survive in the desert. She had a rough beginning, and was so lucky to find a kind rescuer to take her in and offer a great foster home. She was nursed back to health and everyday made progress with overcoming her fears and making friends with the other dogs in the home. She soon became inseparable with the young German Shepard in the family, and the foster family felt the same. They now couldn’t imagine their lives without this special girl and officially adopted her!
Coco was abandoned as a tiny puppy along with a litter of six. She was the last to be adopted, and we thought she found her happy ending. Until she was returned to us six months later. We took Coco back in and helped her through this tough transition-she lost the only home she knew, and was quite scared. She made amazing progress and was once a happy pup again. Only two months passed and she met the lady she was meant to be with. She now lives with one of the most kind people you will ever met, just the two of them in a beautiful home in Costa Mesa. She is enjoying the good life, daily walks in the nearby nature preserve, trips to Big Bear and all the love and attention she could ask for.

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