Meet our new special puppy Colton!





Hi, my name is Colton! People say I’m pretty cute, do you agree? I’m loving life now that I found people who rescued me and really helped me out. See, I was a street puppy and some boys tried to hurt me, I don’t know why. I then had to go to the pound where they said I had a fractured pelvis. I didn’t know anything about a pelvis and try to forget about my past. I just live in the moment and am really enjoying just being a puppy. My injury doesn’t get me down and I just love to play like the rest of ’em. I’m waiting for more news, but hear I may be just fine and heal as I grow older. Phew! So like I said, I just love being a puppy! Some of my favorite things to do are play with toys, explore the world and spend time with my foster family. Their dogs are especially cool, and I like hanging out with them. They are teaching me manners, and I hear I’m pretty smart. I am looking for a furever home now I hear, so I thought about what I’d like. I just want someone to always love me and keep me safe. I also want the chance to learn more good things, so I can be a good grown-up dog. I love to go on new adventures, so I need someone who can keep up with me. If you think you’re the one, I’d love to meet you!

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