Our new rescue Buster!

Say hello to Buster! We rescued him from Orange County Animal Services today and he is one happy boy in his new foster home! Buster is an 11 month old pup who found himself in the shelter after being hit by a car. Funds were raised by the shelter through the non-profit organization Noble Friends Foundation to repair his injuries. Buster had multiple leg fractures that were repaired but was left with nerve damage and abnormalities of the growth plates on his right hind leg. Buster was not doing well in the shelter setting living in a kennel. He was showing kennel stress everyday making him even less adoptable. We were made aware of Buster’s story by OCAS and knew he had to do something to help this pup. We found the perfect foster home for Buster with two very loving Chiropractic Doctors! Buster is still on the road to recovery with a recent surgery to repair a Hygroma¬† (a fluid filled sack near the nerve from laying in the concrete kennel) and physical rehabilitation to come. Hydrotherapy is the best means of recovery for him so that he may be able to run and play like young dogs do. We are trying to raise funds to purchase and place an above ground pool in his fosters home so that he may start his therapy. Please help us give Buster another chance to enjoy life by donating funds towards the pool he needs to begin his recovery. The estimated cost will be between $300-$500. Any little bit helps! Donations can be made through PayPal (click-able icon on right) or by mail (please see our contact info), please add “For Buster” in your donation so we can put it directly towards his care.

Thank you!

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