Say Hello to Sadie!

Little Sadie has had a rough start, she was found in a trash can in San Diego by some college students who were filming a documentary on the homeless. Thanks to an amazing temporary foster our own Anamarie (foster program assistant), we took her into our foster program! Our vet says she is 5-6 weeks old, weighs 4.6 lbs, she is malnourished, has a bad skin infection, plus two types of worms and parasites that have taken over her little tummy…so she is being fed a prescription diet and is being treated for everything else.

Through her rough start she just wants to play, snuggle and love! She is one tiny, cute nugget with the heart and spirit of a Pit Bull 🙂

She won’t be available for adoption for a little while. So please stay tuned for more information on her!

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