One Million Pibble March

This past weekend OCPBR’s President, Christine Bonner and members of the SoCal Pit Bull Team headed to Washington to march on Capitol Hill in an effort to educate people about the breed and protest Breed Specific Legislation. Read more on this event below from the Stand Up for Pits Foundation who organized the event. Thank you to everyone who attended to help give these dogs a voice!

From Stand Up for Pits:

We are marching on Washington DC in an effort create safe and humane communities for humans and pets. To give millions of voiceless victims a voice and by doing so, end discrimination and abuse.

Now, more than ever before, broken young people all over this country are committing sociopathic acts against innocent voiceless beings.  Time and time again, studies have shown that people who commit violent acts against animals will likely and most often times do, go onto commit violent acts against humanity.  The breed being victimized by this abuse more than any other breed on earth, are Pit Bull Terriers.  Dogs that are loyal, loving, gentle and smart being forced to fight till the death.  The average age of dog fighters are 13-21 years old.   Questions to consider; What happened to them?’  Why are they so broken?  How do we help?  To “ban” a breed is not a solution but rather an ineffective way to try and fix what is an obvious reflection of a broken society.

The epidemic that is happening in our own backyards can no longer be ignored.  Whether you like Pit Bull Terriers or dogs at all, as a member of society this is all of our problem. Through education and effective solutions we can fix this social pandemic and provide a safe society for future generations of humans and animals alike.  It is time legislators recognize that discrimination enshrined in law is wrong,  factually ineffective and will no longer be tolerated.

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