Welcome Lilly!

Please welcome our new rescue girl Lilly who comes to us from the Ramona Shelter in Hemet, CA! She was left at the shelter one night tied to the front fence & was covered in animal feces, urine, and mud; the shelter staff found her the following morning when they got to work. She became an instant staff favorite due to her sweet, gentle and loving nature…she was most likely used as a breeding dog and has definitely had many litters at her young age of around 2. After a few months at the shelter, her time was up so a women we know took a chance and saved her. She brought her to us and she matched up perfectly with the available foster home we happened to have…it was meant to be for sure! Lilly is doing great in her foster home, she loves her foster 4-legged sibling Buddy, she loves to meet new dogs AND people but we can tell her favorite thing is snuggle time with her foster mom. Look at her smile, that just says it all!

Stay tuned for more information on Lilly who will be available for adoption soon!

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