Duke’s Happy Tail!

Have you heard the great news about Duke?

We are giddy with joy about the latest on this very special OCPBR cutie—Duke’s adoption is final! And it’s a classic love story from beginning to end: with its ups & downs and the very happiest ending possible for this hazel-eyed sweetie: a perfect family to love  and be loved by forever.
Things started out roughly for Duke. There was a time when nothing seemed to be going his way: he was adopted from the shelter & returned only a couple of days later. Things started to look grim as Duke was shuffled around. But, just in the nick of time, a couple of heroes stepped in to rescue this beautiful red and white cow print Pittie. One of them, a brand new, first-time foster proved to be a life saver for Duke—literally. What a difference a single person can make!
Then something incredible happened. After just a short time with us, Duke scored the best win of his life: he found the home of his dreams. An active, wonderful family came to visit us at an adoption event, met Duke, and all bets were off. It was love at first sight, with Duke melting into the son’s arms.

Now Duke is living the high life with two walks a day, trips to restaurant patios with his family, and plenty of snuggling with his new best friend forever. Duke’s family reports that besides exercise and family outings, his favorite pastimes are sticking close to his mommy during the day, curling up under his new brother’s bed at night, and napping belly up, “blissed out,” by the sofa. Please help us celebrate this happy ending and the start of Duke’s new, lucky lucky life.

And please remember that foster families are directly responsible for saving these precious lives. Help us give a huge thank you to Duke’s foster and won’t you please consider being a foster parent yourself and saving a life just like our cherished Duke.

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