Booker Needs Your Help!


OCPBR’s new precious puppy, Booker, who has tested positive for parvo, is fighting for his life and needs your help. If you can donate in any amount towards his very expensive vet bill, it would be greatly appreciated. To donate, please click on the Donate button on this page (right-hand side) or mail a check to: OCPBR, PO Box 3738, La Habra, California 90632. Any amount would make a huge difference for this little guy who is hanging tough and staying strong.

Booker is currently in the hospital on IV fluids, fighting for his life. Although his foster family limited his exposure by keeping him at home until he had received his final set of vaccines, he still contracted this horrible virus. Parvo can be contracted by inhaling the virus from a neighbor’s dog who is infected; it is also possible for the foster family or sibling foster dogs to bring the virus home with them from a walk.

Treatment for parvo includes a prolonged, multiple night stay at a vet hospital in an isolation unit, IV fluids, antibiotics, multiple blood tests to continually check white blood cells and blood protein levels, multiple urine tests to check to make sure the IV fluids are working and, in some cases, transfusions. Booker is getting round the clock care.

Thank you,

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