Foster Needed for Gentle Giant!

Maximus is a 7 year old Pit / Mastiff mix who only has until 7/16 to find a foster! Totally mellow with other dogs! Cool with shelter bunnies! Calm and sweet with all people! Questions? Email [email protected]. Or fill out an app to foster him A.S.A.P. here:
Notes from the Shelter Volunteers:

Maximus is very calm, sweet and mellow. Today he just sat there to be cooled off in the shelter play yard with the hose on low and he loved it! He has had no issues with other dogs, in fact most dogs don’t even seem to interest him; but he does like to just chill and hang out near them in the shelter play yard. He has seen the bunnies up for adoption in the shelter and had zero interest in them either.
Maximus only has until 7/16 because the shelter is full, and because he has two broken canines. This is no reason to condemn this sweetheart! Please help us give this great guy a second chance. Email [email protected] with questions
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