Georgia is suffering and needs your help!

Can you spare a little to help with Sweet Georgia’s medical bills? We need to raise $1,115 to help this sweetheart! Please click on Donate to the right of this post.

Georgia is one of the sweetest, calmest, and most playful dogs we have ever met and we just hate to see her suffer. Georgia is a nearly perfect dog. She just has one challenge: terrible skin allergies. We have tried everything and so have our vets to help get this girl some relief. This is a very serious condition which causes secondary infections that are affecting her quality of life. 

We’ve even had 2 potential adopters back out because of Georgia’s allergies! We’ve just got to help this girl.

So, Georgia is going to an allergy specialist to get to the bottom of her problem. She may simply be having a reaction to an environmental allergen. Or she may be battling an autoimmune disease. Just to diagnose the cause of her skin condition will cost $1,115. Could you help a little?

Georgia thanks you!

Donate at and put “Georgia’s vet bill” in the notes.


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