Courtesy Listings Program

Orange County Pit Bull Rescue gets all of its dogs from area shelters; currently, we are full. Orange County Pit Bull Rescue’s mission is to promote responsible pit bull ownership and keep pets in their homes. Because each dog we take in can take up to a year to place and can cost up to $1000 to treat, we have to limit the numbers we hold in our foster homes. We get numerous requests to take in dogs each day; we have to limit ourselves to those dogs at shelter that are at risk of euthanasia, and only those we have space for. We are not able to respond to emergencies from the public.

Lou found a great home through our Courtesy Listings program!

Since we aren’t able to rescue every dog in need, our Courtesy Listing program allows us to assist our community in finding responsible homes for dogs. We hope that by keeping these dogs in a safe home until they can be adopted will reduce the numbers of dogs turned into shelters and at risk for euthanasia.

How do we help find a home for your dog? A profile of the dog is listed on our website; Facebook page; and Petfinder pages. We provide you with tips on effectively promoting your dog; screening potential applicants and completing an adoption.

Are you interested in adding a dog to our Courtesy Listings program? * Please see our requirements below:

  • The dog appears to be predominately a Pit Bull or mix
  • The dog has received Veterinary Care
  • No human aggression observed; No dangerous aggressive tendencies to other animals
  • An ability to communicate by email to the Courtesy Listings manager; provide updates, and respond to inquiries from potential adopters
  • Provide a safe foster home to care for the dog until it’s adopted or you notify us that you no longer have the dog
  • An ability to provide high quality photos and necessary information on the dog
*We do not post shelter dogs that have been requested by the public or internet cross-posters

If you would like to apply for our program or have any additional questions, email us at [email protected]

Get a head start by filling out our questionnaire here, so that we may gain information on the dog you wish to place.