Renting with your Pit Bull

If you are looking for a rental with your Pit Bull, please don’t give up! Orange County is not the easiest place to rent with a Pit Bull, but we strive to offer what resources we do have to help.

Private landlords that can be found on Craigslist or from signs posted in a neighborhood are usually the best bet.

Bringing your dog with you to view an apartment, so they can actually meet your dog without just hearing it’s a Pit and making generalizations can help.

You can also purchase renter’s insurance to protect your self and your landlord from any liability issues. Pit friendly insurance can be found through Einhorn Insurance. Get more information on insurance and a free policy quote here!

Creating  a Pet Resume can also help, example found here:

Check out these links for more great info on finding a Pit-friendly rental

Check out the Pit Bull Advocate’s Internet Radio show on this topic:

To advertise or add any Pit Bull friendly rentals in OC that you know of, please email us at [email protected]