Upcoming Volunteer Orientation!














Orange County Pit Bull Rescue and SoCal Pitbull TEAM are partnering to present a volunteer orientation on Saturday 7/19 from noon-2:00pm at Mario’s Mexican Cantina in Huntington Beach.

If you are planning in being a volunteer for any of our upcoming events- please attend this event. To confirm – please RSVP: http://pitbullvolunteerorientation.eventbrite.com/

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Adoption Event this Sunday!

Don’t have plans this Sunday? Stop by our pet adoption event at Just Food for Dogs on Sunday and meet our cuddly Pitties who are looking for a forever home! Stop by for some free Pittie kisses- and who knows…you may just fall in love!

Just Food for Dogs is located at 500 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach 92663

See you there!

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Duke’s Happy Tail!

Have you heard the great news about Duke?

We are giddy with joy about the latest on this very special OCPBR cutie—Duke’s adoption is final! And it’s a classic love story from beginning to end: with its ups & downs and the very happiest ending possible for this hazel-eyed sweetie: a perfect family to love  and be loved by forever.
Things started out roughly for Duke. There was a time when nothing seemed to be going his way: he was adopted from the shelter & returned only a couple of days later. Things started to look grim as Duke was shuffled around. But, just in the nick of time, a couple of heroes stepped in to rescue this beautiful red and white cow print Pittie. One of them, a brand new, first-time foster proved to be a life saver for Duke—literally. What a difference a single person can make!
Then something incredible happened. After just a short time with us, Duke scored the best win of his life: he found the home of his dreams. An active, wonderful family came to visit us at an adoption event, met Duke, and all bets were off. It was love at first sight, with Duke melting into the son’s arms.

Now Duke is living the high life with two walks a day, trips to restaurant patios with his family, and plenty of snuggling with his new best friend forever. Duke’s family reports that besides exercise and family outings, his favorite pastimes are sticking close to his mommy during the day, curling up under his new brother’s bed at night, and napping belly up, “blissed out,” by the sofa. Please help us celebrate this happy ending and the start of Duke’s new, lucky lucky life.

And please remember that foster families are directly responsible for saving these precious lives. Help us give a huge thank you to Duke’s foster and won’t you please consider being a foster parent yourself and saving a life just like our cherished Duke.

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Bella Rue!

Guess who’s back in town? It’s the adorable 5-month old Pittie/Jack Russell mix, Bella Rue!

Bella Rue is back with her foster family and still looking for her forever home after a two-week trial adoption just didn’t work out. But don’t feel too bad for this beautiful baby, she has a wonderful foster family who took her back in with open arms and hearts, and the whole team at Orange County Pit Bull Rescue pulling for her. When OCPBR takes a dog into its program, we are committed 100% to finding the right home for each pup and we won’t give up until we do! No matter what the individual dog requires—focused training or other special needs—we are committed to providing it and to finding the best forever home for each individual dog. As any young puppy, Bella thrives in a structured home where there are clear rules and with balanced, socialized dogs who can teach her the ropes as she grows and learns to be a balanced dog herself. Could you possibly be the family Bella is searching for?

See Bella Rue’s reunion video with her foster family here.

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Centinela adoption event

Our recent adoption event at the Lakewood Centinela was a great success, with a steady flow of people meeting the OCPBR pups, asking about our organization and how they could help, and requesting applications.

The notoriously handsome wiggle butt, Biggie turned heads with his sweet disposition and good looks. Some even came out just to meet him in person. What a good boy! Many who stopped by simply swooned over sweet Allie, whose loving personality made them putty in her paws. Her signature paw shake and linger, and her gentle gaze won many over.

Who could resist the opportunity to play and love on a puppy!!? And two are better than one. Our spunky, adorable adoptable, Sadie is all play, all the time at 13 weeks old, and she found a willing partner in 5-month old cutey, Courtesy List pup Rosy. The two little girls played so much, one of little Sadie’s baby teeth popped right out! The two pups took breaks to get doted on by children and adults alike. It was so much fun to watch these two beauties play.

There were lots of good vibes and appreciation from the community and the store staff at Centinela, where they were hosting a low cost pet clinic. More than anything, one thing was clear: our volunteers, fosters, and partners are the best! Thanks to everyone who came out to see the OCPBR dogs and who helped make the event happen.

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