Dog Training

Pit Bulls are an intelligent breed that love the mental stimulation that training offers as well as the bonding experience. It is so important for Pits to be well-trained and well-behaved members of society. Pit Bulls are often regarded as a whole breed, not individuals. This ignorance can be overcome by your dog being a good ambassador. Pit Bulls often excel at basic obedience and canine sports such as agility, flyball and rally obedience. Many Pit Bulls go on to earn their CGC certificate and can become great therapy dogs!

Local Trainers

Please note that these are trainers that OCPBR has used and recommends. There is no “one way” to train a dog and we believe that as individuals, dogs need training that is suited to their specific needs, what is comfortable to them and their handlers. We NEVER advocate using training methods that may cause pain or induce fear. We DO advocate training methods that use positive methods that strengthen the bond between people and their dogs. Always research trainers before using them, ask for a free phone consultation or observation of a class. Make sure that you and your dog are happy and enjoy learning together!

The Hounds Grounds

Call them at ‭(714) 375-3188‬ training facility located in Huntington Beach

Brian Agnew of!brianagnew-about/csac Call him at (310) 697-3096

Penelope Milne, CPDT-KSA CBCC-KA of DubDubDog Animal Behavior Services Call her at (949) 497-7050or email [email protected]

Also, to find a dog trainer in your area, you can search for one by going to or

Out of County

LARPBO (Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners) Group Training Classes: Locations in Long Beach and Van Nuys

Dog Man – Free Class every Sunday at the LA Coliseum. This is a walking class, not training. (562) 519-6075 –

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