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P.I.T 101 Training Class

P.I.T. 101: Low-cost Training

OCPBR is excited to have launched OC's first and only Pit Bull specific low cost, drop-in dog training class, P.I.T. 101 (Pits In Training 101). P.I.T. 101 is designed to help owners who can't afford expensive training classes and want to work on improving their dog's behavior and their relationship with their dogs. Every day, dogs are surrendered to shelters due to behavior issues that can be eliminated or managed through dog behavior training. By providing low cost training to those in need, less Pit Bull type dogs will be surrendered to kill shelters and more will remain with their families.

The P.I.T. 101 drop-in class was developed for us by trainer extraordinaire, Brandi Bryant of The Hounds Grounds. The class not only works on basic skills, it is an excellent opportunity to work with your dog in a group setting. Space is limited, so please contact us for further information at

In order to expand the program, we are seeking funding and appreciate donations in any amount.

Please go to our Donation Page by clicking here. You can type "PIT 101" under Purpose to

designate where the funds go. We are also looking for motivated, committed volunteers

to help manage this program and seek grant funding for it. If you are interested in

helping fulfill either of those needs, please contact us at

Help us keep more Pit Bulls out of shelters and in their loving homes.

Thank you!

For more information on The Hounds Grounds, please click here: The Hounds Grounds


P.I.T. 101: Pits In Training

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