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Find Your New Best Friend!

Ready to welcome a new family member into your home? When you adopt from a reputable rescue, you benefit from their years of expertise in successful matching of dogs to their new families. OCPBR is committed to making love matches, in hopes that our rescues' next homes are their forever homes. Match making takes time. But the rewards of finding the right family member are worth it. 

What to Consider

Whether you're thinking about adopting a puppy or an adult dog, it's important to think about a few things to help ensure a smooth transition:

• Match the dog to your lifestyle. If you're mellow, adopt a dog that shares your energy level.

• Love is awesome! But it's not enough to keep a dog happy and healthy. Dogs have their own needs, which often have to do with exploring the world around them and exercising. Showering them with love is really satisfying to us, but does not meet their needs for physical and mental stimulation.

• Training and management are a lifetime commitment. Dogs are like eternal kids who need to be supervised, managed, and given guidance for their entire lives. Even a well trained dog may surprise you with new behavior challenges from time to time that need addressing as they grow and go through different stages of life.

I love hugs and kisses!

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