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Want to help out with our rescue work, but not sure how? Below is a guide to help you decide how. And we can't help them without you.

Foster a Dog in Your Home

OCPBR is a foster-based rescue, and each of the dogs in our program are living with families in loving foster homes. If you can provide structure, exercise, and calm to a rescue dog's life, you might want to consider fostering. We pay for everything! We train and support you all along the way. And we match your family and lifestyle to the dog. We can't save them without fosters. For more information on Fostering, click HERE.



Saving a life is expensive, but sooo worth it. Medical care, obedience training, and supplies all cost money. We take excellent care of our dogs. We are a 501c3 and all your donations are tax deductible. Click HERE to find out the many ways you can donate to our dogs. 


Have a skill you'd like to use to help out a charity? Come aboard! Check out our volunteer opportunities HERE, and then fill out a Volunteer Application HERE.

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Want to save a life, but not looking to adopt? Why not sponsor a dog? Your contribution will be directly responsible for saving a dog's life, and funds will go to pull fees, medical bills, food and care for your sponsored dog. You will receive photos and updates on your sponsor dog so that you can track your dog's progress. There is no better joy than to know that you are giving the gift of life and love to another living being. For more information, please click HERE.

Sponsor a Rescue Dog

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Want an easy way to help? Click and Share! We rely on social media to help us find life-saving fosters, forever families for our dogs, and donations to help save their lives. There is tremendous power in community, and your sharing helps us connect to others. You can make a difference! Be a part of our online community, whether you're local or remote. Thank you!


Be a Pit Bull Advocate

What is the best way to be an advocate for Pit Bulls? Arm yourself with knowledge first, and then share it through helping to educate the public. There is so much misinformation out there about Pit Bulls. Learning and then sharing actual facts go a long way in improving the image of our beloved dogs, and changing their circumstances. For more information, please click HERE.

Helping animals in need brings the best kind of Joy!

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