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The best place for a dog is with his or her family, not in an overcrowded shelter.

OCPBR's community assistance program offers help to Pit Bull families in need to keep families together and keep dogs out of shelters when times are tough. Some of the services provided by the program are help with medical bills, including spay and neuter, vaccines, and medical emergencies, as well as providing food, training and other support. OCPBR assists as funds are available, and we are currently seeking grants and funding to maximize our impact on our community and help alleviate the overwhelming number of Pit Bull type dogs going into already overcrowded Southern California shelters. We know that a Pit Bull's best chance is with his or her loving family. We who love our canine family members know that Home Is Where The Pit Is, and everyone needs a little help sometimes.

If you can donate to help keep a family together, please go to our Donate Page by clicking HERE. Write "Home Is Where The Pit Is" under Purpose, or email for more information. Thank you.

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