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Lost & Found Dogs

Found a dog? Lost a dog?

Losing your dog is a terrifying experience. And while there is much you can do to help decrease the possibility of it happening to (see here), what happens if it happens to you, and what do you do if you come across a lost dog? Below is a list of things to do to help get him or her back.



1. Post on Social Media

*Include a clear photo or two and any important information on your dog, where s/he was lost from, contact information, and other details. Search Facebook for local Missing dog pages and encourage people to share, post on Craigslist, ask local rescues to post on their Facebook pages.


2. Check ALL local shelters OFTEN and place a Lost Dog flier at each one

It's important to know that there may be multiple shelters in your area and that dogs can travel far quickly. Check back often.


3. Post fliers in the neighborhoods surrounding where your dog was lost


4. Consider offering a reward


5. Go door-to-door passing out fliers and talking to people



So, you've found a lost dog. What do you do?


1. No ID? Take the dog to a veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip


2. Post fliers everywhere: in the surrounding neighborhoods, at all the local shelters, on social media (Facebook, etc.), but please, no photos. Ask for a thorough description of the dog and a photo of the caller with the dog before giving him or her to anyone. It's best to be careful, especially with Pit Bull type dogs who some may target for abuse.


3. Keep an eye on lost dog posts and fliers

*Please be aware if you take a dog to a shelter that 99.9% of shelters are high kill shelters. There are some that are low kill, but there are none that are no kill. 

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