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Rehoming a Dog

The need is great and we are small. While we can't take in your dog, we have compiled a number of resources below that hope may help you if you are planning to regime your dog. 


Orange County Pit Bull Rescue is a small, foster home based rescue. We are the only Pit Bull specific rescue in our county, and are overwhelmed with daily requests to take in dogs. We are very limited on space and do not take in dogs from the public. Our rescues come from urgent life or death situations: dogs from local shelters or from abusive situations.


Finding a good home for a Pit Bull takes some time and work, and the shelter is not a good option. This scenario usually results in your family dog fighting for his or her life at an overcrowded shelter. Pit Bulls make up the majority of the dogs in shelters, and are the first likely to lose their life. So, what other options are there.

Can we help you keep your dog? 


Here are some situations that are often cited when people plan to give up their dogs and possible solutions and resources:



We know Orange County is a difficult place to rent with a Pit Bull. Check out our tips here.

Behavior Issues? 


Most behavior issues can be worked through with proper guidance. We have referrals to qualified trainers who can help you, sometimes at a discounted rate. Check out our training info page here. Also, you can sign up for OCPBR's P.I.T. 101 program, which is a low cost group training class. For more information click here. Be sure to sign up as soon as you can, as classes fill up quickly.

Trouble Paying Vet Bills? 


Times are tough..need help with low-cost Veterinary care? Check out this page. We also have listings for foundations that can help with finances. We can also help with dog food donations.

For dog food, referrals, or more resources email us:


Still can’t keep your dog? While we can’t take your dog, we can help you by promoting them for adoption on our websites through our Courtesy List Program. For more information, click here.

Check out this informative article about rehoming your dog from Here is a list of local shelters and rescues by state from

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